Johns Hopkins Alliance

The Johns Hopkins Alliance for Science & Technology Development (Alliance) was formed in 2004 as a way to help Johns Hopkins faculty commercialize their research and technological innovations. The Alliance consists of pharmaceutical and biotech executives, medical device designers and manufacturers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, as well as angel investors. This committee is charged with evaluating the commercial viability of selected research projects at Johns Hopkins University.

The mission of the Alliance is to:

  • Evaluate research projects within the University.
  • Determine the commercial strength and marketing opportunities for each project.
  • Champion development and financing of worthy discoveries.
  • Act as the University's conduit toward creating awareness among industry leaders and business entrepreneurs.

The Alliance board meets annually with a similar group from the University of Maryland (Advisory Board). At the meeting, faculty present their inventions to the entire group for feedback and to ask for mentorship where appropriate. Most years, the Alliance and the Advisory Board members review inventor presentations and award the creator of the most commercial invention with a monetary award as well as a great deal of feedback.

For further information, contact Helen Montag at 410-516-4976.

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